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The mission at BOS  Manufacturing is to be and industry leader in supplying superior metal products, engineering and

manual-to-fully-automated systems to our customers at a competitive price.  We also strive to be the best choice for employment through our respect for diversity, individual growth and commitment to our team members.


BOS Manufacturing was founded in 2004, along the shores of Lake Michigan, as a response to the demand for superior metal products and manual- to fully-automated systems at value-level prices. We have a dedicated staff that specializes in engineering, prototyping and manufacturing and will work directly with you and/or your engineers to assure cost-effective results. BOS Manufacturing uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and skilled technicians that will never sacrifice quality while delivering products on time, and at competitive prices. 


BOS Manufacturing is a Michigan, USA based company that serves the Automotive, Heavy Truck, Machine Tool, HVAC and Mining industries by providing welding, machining, and finishing of steel, gray iron, aluminum bar stock, forgings and castings. Some of our customers include: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Kuka, Comau, Tesla, Thai Summit and For Automation. Check out more satisfied customers here.


Founded in 2004, BOS Manufacturing (formally known as MasTech Manufacturing) was the manufacturing division of MasTech, Inc., based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This division was created, specifically, as a direct response to the demand for a value-conscious, quality-oriented manufacturer. Due to direct team member participation and dedication, BOS Manufacturing is committed to assuring our products are delivered on time and to the highest standard of quality. As specialists in manufacturing, prototyping and engineering, our key personnel will work with your engineering team to assure a cost-effective outcome. 


Our Program Management Team ensures top-level customer service and points-of-contact assistance to all of our customers. Scheduling, material yields, logistics and cost analysis reports are just a few of the daily responsibilities performed by BOS Manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures competitive products at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. We stand behind everything we manufacture with 100% quality assurance. Products must meet our hight standards, as well as yours. All materials come from approved suppliers and are inspected, tested to appropriate standards, and verified by our Quality Control Department before being put into production. We can accommodate strict automotive tolerances and requirements, as well as precision military steel millwork. In addition to our team of competent professionals, our complete computer-aided design system provides extensive data communication and technical analysis. We will design to your specification, or use existing designs to manufacture your product. 


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